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Me Soiree, LLC is an elite wedding and event planning firm.  We are passionate about designing and executing flawless events.  We thrive on excellence and work to ensure that every detail is impeccable. 

Meet Alexis Robinson, Founder & CEO

A rare gift of insight, creativity, and ingenuity is found when interacting with Alexis E. Robinson.  With an extraordinary propensity for creating harmonious environments, Alexis leaves a warm impression with everyone she meets.  That same warmth and inviting atmosphere is her signature as an event planner.


Alexis is the Founder and CEO of Me Soiree, LLC, a Wedding & Event Planning Firm based out of Northern Virginia.  Me Soiree is a full service innovative wedding and event planning firm.  Having coordinated numerous special events (nationally and internationally) over the past ten years, Alexis is recognized as one of the top event planners in the nation.


Her heart for her community is evident as Alexis has devoted countless hours volunteering at local middle and high schools, as a mentor and motivational speaker.  


While her passion for others is unparalleled, she credits her success to the love and support of her family, her husband and their three sons.


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